Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sweetness and sunshine

yesterday we caught up for coffee and a chat with the lovely jodi and che, and enjoyed some very sunny sunshine overlooking the beach. They're such sweeties those two. Unfortunately, I have no photos, as we were too busy chatting...could of at least got one of the babies together, oh well. After we left them, we went looking around the shops, and I had to bring home mr.squirrel, from this cute little shop. I really have my eye on this particular piece, but I need to be realistic here.


jodi said...

yes, we should have taken photos! How cute is that squirrel...I love the owl too. I'm thinking they will make nice stocking fillers for christmas day x

Julie said...

What a beautiful day! I love your squirrel. What a great photo too - I love guessing what might lay beyond the frame.

P.S. thankyou for tagging me for the six quirky things - I hope to do, I will have to see how I go:)