Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's all about me

I was tagged almost (ahem) a month ago by jodi, to write six quirky things about myself. Apparently I'm more slow than quirky, because it's taken me this long to get around to doing it. I did this meme a while back, but I think I can manage a few more random things... 1. I have my husband to thank for much of my fabric stash. He often comes home from work with a bag full of goodness for me, and I get all the credit for having such great fabric.
2. I have an intense fear of sinking ships, shipwrecks, in fact anything that's under the water that shouldn't be. Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Arran thinks it's a past life thing.
3. I also dislike those big tankers that just sit on the horizon, and then turn the other way when you're not looking, like it never actually happened. Sneaky buggers.
4. I can't drive a manual car. I just don't see the point.
5. All three of our boys were born with one blocked tear duct. Fin's cleared up after a year, willow's only took a couple of months, and jasper's took about seven months. They all had green gungy stuff in the eye constantly, and everyone always thought they had conjunctivitis, and I was constantly explaining what it was. When fin was a baby, I had doctors trying to tell me that it would need to be operated on to clear it, but we patiently waited for a year and it went away by itself, and so it did with willow and jasper as well, so if there's one little bit of advice I can pass on, it's that these things really can fix themselves without intervention.
6. I give the impression of being someone who doesn't swear a lot, but in actual fact, I'm just a gutter mouth. I've had to curb my swearing quite a bit lately, as one middle-sized child has become quite fond of it, but I do still swear when I'm driving. Can't help it. I especially hate it when I'm trying to do a reverse park in the main street and a car drives right up behind me so I can't get in. Hate that.

Now, let's see, who to tag?
How about leah, fi, rach, julie, and anyone else who's interested. Oh yeah, the rules:
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jodi said...

So I should thank arran for the fabric?! Oh. Happy anniversary. I'm ever so glad the sun has returned...see you monday! I need honesty re. fabric...perhaps a little pj-ish for daywear?...