Thursday, August 16, 2012


the black wattles that are so abundant around here are out in full bloom, showing off for a brief but glorious little stint as they do each august. It's true they are considered weeds, but they are lovely nonetheless, and the bees are going nutty over them. Besides, I'll take whatever I can get when it comes to flowers. Not to mention welcome shade in the coming summer months.

and the view from my bedroom window isn't too bad either.

Monday, August 13, 2012

winter, be gone now

please. You've wowed us with your frosty frosts that numbed our fingers and toes. Our second time round, and we are still impressed.We have stayed so warm in this little shack of ours, but still there have been too many cold baby fingers and little boy coughs.
 now the august wind, it makes my ears hurt and my head ache. The august wind is no friend of mine, never has been. It's all blowy dust and static electricity and dry skin. I need to stay indoors at this time of year, or else I become unbearable. The dreaded lurgy is upon me, runny nose and stinging throat. Feels like razor blades when I have to talk, which is a problem when there are so many that need talking to. Thankfully, the weekend brought precious gifts of honey from a neighbour with bees and lemons from another neighbour with trees. So fresh and so good. Just what I needed.
so, winter, you can be on your way now, I'm sure you are needed elsewhere. I want to see blossoms on bare branches and free baby toes. And a little splash in the ocean wouldn't be so bad either.