Wednesday, May 25, 2011


it's turned chilly here. Cold and blustery winds and a bit of rain. I have one boy home from school with the sniffles...honey and lemon and blankies are helping. On our last stay at the farm, we awoke to a world of white. The temperature dropped considerably overnight and the whole valley froze, as well as water in buckets and baths. Having hugged the coast all my life, I've not had a lot of experience with cold weather...we've always got by with light quilts and clothes. But now, I find myself seeking warmer things. The boys are sporting alpaca beanies, knit by one of our neighbours who also spins the yarn herself. We eventually plan to have a couple of alpacas on the farm, so maybe I'll be knitting with it myself some day. I'm excited and inspired to be becoming part of a new community; experiencing a different climate and looking at life from a new perspective.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy mothers day and all that

we had a lovely mothers day weekend (at the farm), followed by our double whammy birthday yesterday. At least it wasn't on mothers day this year, like last year...we managed two days of spoils this time around. Lots of flowers, chocolate and good food, put on by my little sister who is turning out to be a dab hand in the kitchen. The mister and I even managed to pop over to our favourite pub for a glass of dogbolter (oh my, if ever there was a beer) and an hour or so of uninterrupted conversation whilst dinner was being prepared, probably the most enjoyable gift of all...I love those boys to death, but geez is it hard to get a word in when they're around.
Fun times.