Saturday, September 8, 2012

twenty four weeks

 it's been six months since we brought this tiny wee babe home. Yes, really. And she's not quite the tiny wee babe anymore. Not so snoozy now, awake more and more and calling mama more often. Watching all that goes on around her (and that's a lot), biding her time till she can join in the fun. Gooing and gaaing and trying to roll (not quite all the way over yet) and straining to sit up and see what's going on.
(jasper's vintage) bassinette served her well, it was just so cosy in there for the winter. But when little hands started banging on the sides I had to concede that it was time to move into the cot, still next to mama though. I really can't imagine throwing her in with the boys just yet.
Six months, and now we're onto food. It's bittersweet, knowing she needs more than just me now. Exciting too though, as we all crowd round her and watch her little face as she tries the new stuff. You'd think that after four kids the novelty would have worn off, but it hasn't. Every little thing is still just as fun, just as special as it was with the first. Maybe it's knowing that this is the last that makes it all the more so.