Thursday, November 7, 2013

by hand

I was just about to whiz around the edge of this doily on the sewing machine yesterday, when it suddenly occurred to me that what it really needed was to be hand stitched. I needed to sit down and quietly stitch this little piece of lace onto some grey flannel for a cushion for my new chair. My new wingback chair that was waiting for me at the op shop for $20, which wasn't on ebay or gumtree two weeks ago when I searched for it and while I was still painting the floor. 
I'm learning that things usually happen when they are meant to and you can't push them. Sometimes floors need to be painted and let dry before chairs can be found and sometimes little stitches need to be made by hand and not by machines. 
my sewing room became a storage facility over the past couple of years, but it's gradually turning into a cosy crafty place once again and now that daisy is officially a toddler, I'm almost ready to start sewing. It's been a long while.