Tuesday, March 27, 2012

we have baby!

 a baby girl no less! daisy rain decided to join us last tuesday, slipping quietly and contentedly into the world in the wee hours of the morning.  Three days past her due-by date, she was causing her mama a bit of concern, as she continued to make sure this pregnancy was unlike any other I'd had. With days and days of false contractions and discomfort, we tried every trick in the book to entice her out of hiding...finally a trip to a local lookout over a bumpy road and a little walk in the woods at the onset of a windy rain squall did the trick.
needless to say, we're all very much smitten with her, and are all getting used to saying "she", although Jasper is sticking to "he" for now. Everyone is "he" to him.
time will tell how having a little girl around will change this little family of ours, but I think that we are in for some fun times. For now I'm just making the most of all those yummy baby snuggles and inhaling as much of that sweet baby smell as I can. Wish I could bottle that stuff.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

these boys

sometimes, when I remind myself to stop and just see them for what they are, three boys at various stages of development, I realise how very wonderful they are. Because we really do have it all going on here. A thoughtful and very independant nearly twelve year old, an adventurous and sensitive nine year old and a tornado of a four year old. How can they all be so different?
 The other day was willow's birthday, he was worried that with the baby due to arrive any day that his birthday wouldn't be such a big deal. Needless to say, I kept my legs crossed all day, because although it's cute and quirky to share your birthday with someone you love (arran and I share ours), birthdays really should just be all about you. And, as it turns out, the baby wasn't planning on making an appearance that day anyway. Apparently, it wants to have it's own birthday too.
there are many emotions going on at the moment...I find it important to remind myself that I am not the only one here waiting expectantly to meet this new person. The boys are excited. Fin walks in the door every afternoon and asks me how I am, any signs yet? Willow spends most of his time on planet willow, but sometimes pops in to see how I am, and to give me a little foot rub. And then there's jasper. He's displaying all the signs of a boy who realises his days as the baby are numbered. I really have to watch him at the moment, because things are being sabotaged. The whale is drawn on the wall above his bed, and although the walls really need to be painted, I don't know if I can bring myself to lose it. Other people's belongings have been cut up or hidden as he does his best to wreak havoc on the entire household. Not to mention the fact that he won't let anyone but me do anything for him.
 But I wouldn't have it any other way. I've seen it all before, and I know it will pass. And before we know it, we will be living with at least one teenager and then we'll really be in for it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a quick little shop update

ok, the waiting is getting to me now...I'm not good at sitting around and doing nothing, not for any extended time anyway. But with very low energy levels and a pernicketty sciatic nerve stopping me from going too far, rest and relaxation it is as I wait for this baby to make it's appearance. So, in the interests of being "constructive", I've done a little shop update. Not my usual shop stuff, but a little vintage shop stuff. Oh, you didn't know I had a little vintage shop as well? Um, I'm not sure I ever got round to mentioning it. It's a wonder I ever sell anything really, with my lack of interest in advertising. I need a marketing assistant.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bunny still in the oven

I thought it was high time, at 38 weeks, that we took some shots of the belly. I'm not good at organising photo shoots and it's pretty hard to pin down the mister these days as he seems to have an endless to-do list. I'm not sure who is nesting more at the moment, but he's certainly onto the "outside" stuff.
We're hanging out in the burbs for next couple of weeks as we wait for baby...it seemed to be the sensible thing to do with my tendency for quick labours. I'm well and truly into the last stage now, feeling oh-so tired and more than a little uncomfortable. This little one likes to spend the evenings and most of the night squirming away on my bladder and I am seriously lacking in sleep as a result. I find myself on the lounge watching abc kids shows most afternoons.
I think we're all just very keen to meet this little one now. I don't know how many more conversations I can take about whether it will be a boy or a girl (it's sitting differently to my others, so of course this is cause for much speculation). We'll soon find out, not long now.