Tuesday, March 24, 2009

autumn sunshine

the sun, it does shine, so what better way to spend the day?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

amber baby

a couple of weeks ago I found myself feeling a bit low, a bit funky with a nice little head cold that the boys kindly brought home from school for me, and I got to browsing the net for natural remedies and little things that might have a positive effect on my general wellbeing. Yeah, I was in one of those moods, you know the one. Somewhere along the line I discovered that amber beads are used to calm and soothe teething babes (a fact I was vaguely aware of, but that hadn't come to light in my fuzzy brain), and that the mamma could also get some for herself, because god knows the mamma needs a bit of calming and soothing at times. So, we ordered the mums and bubs set , jasper and I, from the lovely meredith of amberbebe. These beads are really beautiful, and they definitely seem to be having a positive influence on us. The jasper doesn't seem to be as troubled by his little toothy pains, and he's all smiley when I go to put them on him. Now, if I could just find something that magically makes bigger boys listen to their mamma, I might actually be able to lead a calm and peaceful life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


a bag of blocks for a little friend named after the sun. So sweet. No words at the moment. Feeling... tired.

Monday, March 9, 2009

maker of mischief

well, I know you wouldn't think it to look at these pictures, but this child, he is trouble. It seems that my time is mostly spent retrieving him from various places, such as the table, where he likes to stand, the ladder to his brother's bunk bed, the arm of the lounge, and basically any other dangerous precipice that presents itself.of course, the walking has started. There were a few shaky weeks, and then suddenly he got it and now there's no looking back, although the super-fast crawl is still in use when there is a ladder beckoning.but, there are also these lovely moments of concentration and curiosity. It's these moments that I treasure, they remind me so much of his brothers, especially fin, who used to build the most magnificent block cities, far greater than any I could ever hope to dream up. And it's these little things that keep reminding me of how little children really need...a few wooden blocks, maybe some pencils and paper and a good dose of imagination is all it takes. Oh, and a good ladder to climb on will never go astray.