Friday, November 13, 2009

market day

hey, just a quick one, to let all you locals know that I'm doing a market stall this sunday!! It's been a long time...but I think I'm ready for it! The lovely people at the peninsula yoga centre are having an open day and I'm lucky enough to be part of it. Check out their website for full details.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


so many new words happening every day now.
today, tea. To the cupboard we went and got out this little cup, and requested that tea be put in it. Just like mamma. So we drank our tea and we ate our grapes and we read our book and we were happy. So happy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

feeling crafty

oh yeah, that's right, I have a blog. I momentarily forgot about that while I was busy making all manner of crafty goodness for the balmain art and craft show, which is happening this weekend. There were the usual suspects; the bunnies, the little effelants, the big ones, some new bags and some bunting,

all of which I have managed to create in the couple of hours a day when I could be lying down or reading a book while the little one naps, but choose to sew like a mad woman instead. So, feeling very proud of myself for having created what I considered to be a fairly ample supply of craftiness to be displayed at the show, off I drove down to sydney, with my medium-sized (vintage) suitcase full of goodness, thinking that I would fill my little cubicle and all would be sweet. And it was sweet, only they kind of wanted more. So, feeling just a little inadequate, home I went, whereupon I decided it was time to unleash a new creature. If they want more, then more they'll get. So, out came mr. owl.coming up with the owl has been a rather long and involved process, and I was pretty happy when this particular incarnation presented itself at around noon yesterday. By midnight last night, this little family was complete and ready to go forth into the world. My sweet husband did the honours and dropped them off for me after work, only to find out that most of the other stuff had already sold. As it was being unpacked. So if you happen to find yourself at the show this weekend, and you happen to see a rather pitiful little display with a cute handmade banner that says "hazyjane", and you're thinking, "hmm, that hazyjane really could have put in a bit more effort", please note, I DID!!