Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a bag for books

I ordered a myself a copy of this lovely book a couple of weeks ago (early mother's day gift to myself), and when it arrived in the post the other day, I became instantly smitten with the gorgeous photos inside, and have been poring over it's pages ever since. I find myself wanting to climb inside there and snuggle up, it looks so peaceful and cosy and...quiet. No little people vying for attention and making messes. So, feeling inspired, I set about making this little bag today, from a piece of linen that's been in my stash for ages, and which I have no idea the origin of, since I don't remember purchasing linen ever, except once for a special order. But that wasn't this piece. I didn't follow any of the patterns, because that would have required concentration, and I'm low on that right now. It's just "inspired by".
I made this little bag to hold books. Well, actually, magazines. Because, you see, I am someone who reads on the loo. Now, I'm not sure whether that's just too much information, I know that some people find this to be a rather nasty habit, but since anyone who has actually been to my house has almost definitely seen magazines in my bathroom, I don't think there's any harm in writing about it here. Anyway, to get back to the point, I'm sure it goes without saying that leaving magazines lying around on the bathroom floor is not a great idea when that bathroom is frequented by three (and in the not too distant future, four) boys. So, I needed to find a safe place for them, and I think this little bag will be just the thing.
that said, I'm now thinking that it might be just the thing for taking to the library as well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

the home stretch

oops, dropped off the radar there for a bit, and just when I was going so well too. Nevermind, it's been school holidays, so I guess that's a pretty good excuse. There have been other things to do...parks to visit, friends to play with, food to bake and eat, and adventures to be had.
but school goes back tomorrow, and that's that. Back to the morning routine, the getting dressed and finding one's shoes, the lunch box dilemma and the remembering to do the homework. I don't think willow's read a book or written a sentence during the holidays, but he's read plenty of street signs and cereal boxes, and he's written some birthday wishes and some special messages for the mamma, so I guess he'll be ok.
it's been a good holiday, and although we're all a little glad that school goes back tomorrow (well, except for willow, who thinks that school is just a bit too tiring), I think I'm going to miss these guys just a little. Although, it is going to be awfully quiet here at around midday, when a certain little person is asleep...quiet enough for a little mamma nap maybe?

Monday, April 20, 2009

the chilly season is here

finally! We're experiencing some pretty chilly weather here, and of course at the mere sniff of some wind and rain, I find it necessary to get the family all snuggled up and light the fire. I love the fire and it's toasty goodness. I love how it can dry wet washing without having to use any electricity or make any noise. I love being able to toast marshmallows in the lounge room on any given night, and I love lying in bed and watching it's flickering flames as I'm drifting off to sleep. I like that I have to go and chop kindling and make a fire so that we have warmth, and I like teaching my kids where warmth comes from. I like the fire because it's real and good and honest and warm. I'd love to sit by it's warm side all day and do nothing but knit (well, try to knit) and read and drink tea, but these boys tend to go a little stir crazy after a while, so we go somewhere nice and play in the park and watch some wild waves crash on the rocks.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think it's probably been pretty obvious that there has been a little bit of an improvement in my picture quality lately, no? Well, the truth is, I've had all this rad photo gear at my disposal for years now, thanks to mr arran the photo guy, and I've finally pulled my finger out and started using some of it. You see, I used to dabble a little in photography in high school, but when I met the mr and realised just how much he was into it, I kind of just let it go, and let him take care of it. I went off and did my own thing, having babies and stuff. But lately, I've been feeling the urge to take some pictures again, and have taken quite a liking to this nikon. The thing is, though, I have this terrible aversion to borrowing gear, especially high tech, expensive gear, that I can't really afford to replace, if I happen to break it. So, whilst I work on talking the mr into buying a new camera, an updated model, which he really needs for his work, and letting me have this one for my own, I thought I might just make this one a little more "me" in the mean time.
It was sporting a stock standard nikon strap, and as much as I like the product, I really don't feel the need to have their name emblazened across my chest every time I use the camera, even if it is only within the confines of my own yard (still too scared to venture out into the big wide world with the thing). So, after a futile search for just the right camera strap, I decided to just make one myself. I managed to find this oh-so perfect piece of vintage embroidered ribbon from this very friendly etsy seller, and simply sewed it onto a piece of wide black webbing, along with some clippy things off a bag I got from vinnies. This thing is so perfect, I really don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.
Of course, the mr comes home from work, says "thanks for the new camera strap", and takes off with it on his new skateboard. I'm thinking I might have to start hiding it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

in the nest

we've had a lovely weekend here, in our little nest. There's been just the right amount of sunshine, just the right amount of rain, just the right amount of chocolate (ie, lots!), and just the right amount of family time. We even managed to fit in a spot of rearranging, which always makes for a happy mamma, as it means that one more little mess has been cleaned up.
we made this cosy little corner from what was an ugly mess of computer gear. Now the computer gear is in a different corner, in a much tidier state, with much less stuff "on display". Although it's a shame to hide away things like blank discs and usb cords, it is possible to in fact store them in nearby drawers, where they are still somewhat accessible, while much less in your face. It took some convincing, but I won out in the end. How long these items will remain in said drawers is debatable.
also discovered the sweet music of seabear and agnes obel this weekend, via this blog, which is very umm ... pretty, and features nice music. In discovering this new stuff, it has occured to me that I generally seem to like most things that come from scandinavia and iceland. Oh, except for herrings and any other kind of fishy snacks. Those I do not like. It has long been a dream of mine to visit this part of the world, and one not many other members of my family seem to share, except for fin, who would like to one day visit finland, where he would obviously be king. It's nice to have dreams.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

I did try to get a nice styled shot of what was a lovely easter brunch, but you know, the vase was tipped over, the tablecloth dishevelled and the hot cross buns descended upon before I even got the camera out. And that was just one kid. Hope your easter was fun like ours.
thanks to mr hazyjane for taking over camera duties for this one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

long time no hear

so I've managed to snavel a few moments to myself on this very lazy good friday, with one child asleep, one at the beach with friends and the other feeling a little poorly, playing on the other computer. The perfect opportunity to update this very neglected blog. It makes me sad when I leave it for so long, and I read all the stuff that other, more motivated people are doing (and finding the time to write about!), and I feel kinda like there's a party going on and I'm not there. Does that make any sense? so what have we been doing? Well, a big loungeroom shift was at the top of the list last week, as a certain little person had become rather fond of climbing on and around the fireplace, a bit dangerous given that we will soon be lighting said fire with the onset of chilly nights and mornings that we are feeling now. The fire screen is back up, and we have that funny little lounge next it, with just enough room left for a cosy little corner for snuggling into on winter evenings.of course, that cosy corner has also proven to be the perfect spot for a little willow cubby house action, which he spends much time preparing, piling up the cushions and getting it just so, only to have jasper come along and crash it all down. This little game can go on for ages, punctuated by lots of (very frustrated) "aww jas-per"s, before he finally gives up and just sits there, in tears, with the blanky draped over his head. It's hard, being six and not being able to keep the vandals out of one's cubby.betty james got in on the action this week too, and donned her favourite old apron, for baking season is upon us. She's already wowed us all with roast lamb, a pretty awesome chicken and veggie pie, caramel popcorn, and a scrummy apple cake. Apparently there's more to come. Mmm.