Tuesday, April 14, 2009

in the nest

we've had a lovely weekend here, in our little nest. There's been just the right amount of sunshine, just the right amount of rain, just the right amount of chocolate (ie, lots!), and just the right amount of family time. We even managed to fit in a spot of rearranging, which always makes for a happy mamma, as it means that one more little mess has been cleaned up.
we made this cosy little corner from what was an ugly mess of computer gear. Now the computer gear is in a different corner, in a much tidier state, with much less stuff "on display". Although it's a shame to hide away things like blank discs and usb cords, it is possible to in fact store them in nearby drawers, where they are still somewhat accessible, while much less in your face. It took some convincing, but I won out in the end. How long these items will remain in said drawers is debatable.
also discovered the sweet music of seabear and agnes obel this weekend, via this blog, which is very umm ... pretty, and features nice music. In discovering this new stuff, it has occured to me that I generally seem to like most things that come from scandinavia and iceland. Oh, except for herrings and any other kind of fishy snacks. Those I do not like. It has long been a dream of mine to visit this part of the world, and one not many other members of my family seem to share, except for fin, who would like to one day visit finland, where he would obviously be king. It's nice to have dreams.


Melody said...

I love your little corner nook. It looks warm and cozy.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i've taken a liking to 'kings of convenience'. check them out on you tube if you get a chance - nice and mellow - and scandanavian to boot!