Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bunny still in the oven

I thought it was high time, at 38 weeks, that we took some shots of the belly. I'm not good at organising photo shoots and it's pretty hard to pin down the mister these days as he seems to have an endless to-do list. I'm not sure who is nesting more at the moment, but he's certainly onto the "outside" stuff.
We're hanging out in the burbs for next couple of weeks as we wait for baby...it seemed to be the sensible thing to do with my tendency for quick labours. I'm well and truly into the last stage now, feeling oh-so tired and more than a little uncomfortable. This little one likes to spend the evenings and most of the night squirming away on my bladder and I am seriously lacking in sleep as a result. I find myself on the lounge watching abc kids shows most afternoons.
I think we're all just very keen to meet this little one now. I don't know how many more conversations I can take about whether it will be a boy or a girl (it's sitting differently to my others, so of course this is cause for much speculation). We'll soon find out, not long now.


jodi said...

It certainly is sitting differently to Jasper....

Let me know if you would like to pop in for a cuppa soon. Of course, I understand wholeheartedly the need to stay within the comfort of your home so you just let me know either way.

You look absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to hear the news. Aaron - add me to your message list please! x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Lovely bump photo. All my babies bumps looked very similar and they were a boy and 2 girls so I am not sure the old wives tales are very true. Nearly there, you will soon be meeting your little cutie x

Levin said...

whatever it is, it's very exciting. i can't wait to meet your new babe. hope all goes well and that we see photos soon.
Have you been reading 'Hello Baby' to the kids? It makes me cry, every time

emma said...

Oh yes, Hello Baby has been great to read to jasper this time round. He is fascinated by it, and thinks it's very funny how the baby comes out "near mummy's bottom". Hmm.