Sunday, October 26, 2008

confessions of a sewing addict

since the mister was away for the weekend on a surfing safari (like he really needed a holiday), I decided to make the bed all fresh and spring-like in his absence, and took off the big quilt and replaced it with the little one that I made years ago. That was all good and well, until I realised halfway through the night (on my third or maybe fourth awakening by jasper) that it's not yet warm enough for the wee little token quilt that doesn't even cover the bed let alone keep two (or four) people warm. So, I woke up all twitchy with an idea to make a quilt cover, because once I have taken the old one off and it's already in the washing basket, there's no way it's going back on, and besides, I didn't really like it anyway. And that's how I came to be making a patchwork quilt at 7am this morning. Jasper was a good boy and slept until 8.30, probably because he was awake for half the night, and I managed to get it all pretty much done in that time. How, you may ask? Well, it's quite simple. I sewed the whole thing up on the overlocker. Yep, no sewn seams at all, just whizzed right through it on bernette (yes, that's really the name of my overlocker). We're good friends now, bernette and I, since I have come to understand her needs, and she has proved herself to be invaluable as far as need-it-now sewing jobs go. Now, I'm not going to pretend that this will become an heirloom quilt, let's face it, the thing will probably be lucky to see the end of summer with my boys crash-tackling each other all over it, but do I care? No. Like I've said before, I'm a fickle creature, so when it comes time to replace this one I won't have to worry, becasue it didn't cost a cent, and I didn't spend four months making it.

bernie and bernette.

I had a giggle a few weeks ago, when I saw this picture over at the lovely tiny happy! Why do we all seem to have our stuff squeezed onto these ridiculously small tables?!


jodi said...

cute little table and great quilt. Very enjoyable coffee soon x

Levin (and Emily) said...

love bernie and bernette. i've never used an overlocker - but it sounds like something i would like - anything that makes sewing quick!
love the quilt - such lovely soft colours for spring.
my sewing table is small too - things keep falling off as i sew and it doesn't help that the kids dump all their stuff on it too!

Rach said...

Great quilt and I also had, until very recently, both my machines squeezed onto one table. Now they are kinda recognisable under crapola...

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

looks adorable Emma, I recognise some of the peices from my own stash!

Melissa said...

hehe- i love this post! funny that you mentioned my tiny sewing table crammed full. the sad thing is, that table of my own is a luxury in our house- it is that small! hehe. ah well. a large table is something to dream about... ;)