Friday, February 20, 2009

sweet ride

last year, when we were on our way home from our north coast odyssey, we dropped in to taree to grab some baked goods and chocky milk (essential travel fuel for a family of boys), and had a quick squiz at the local oppys while we were there (of course). It was still pouring with rain, as it had been for pretty well the whole holiday, but that did not deter us, oh no. We traipsed up the hill from vinnies to the salvos, two biggish boys and one baby one in tow, just hoping there would be something marvellous awaiting us on that wet, wet, wet day. As soon as I walked in the door, I found the plates, and then I looked over to see the mister and boy number 1 examining this bicycle. Now I knew, by the looks on their faces, that this bike would be coming home with us that day, and indeed, I was right. "I'll buy it for you" says the mister, "It's vintage". "Ok" I say, whatever. I'm standing there with a three month old baby, there are two other kids already rummaging through the toy section, it's pouring rain outside and we are three hours from home in a very well stocked van and he wants to buy me a bike?

well, needless to say, buy the bike he did, and it has sat there patiently in our shed for almost a year, until just a few weeks ago, when I decided it was time to dust off the cobwebs and get "upwardly mobile". Of course, there was the small matter of how to attach the babe to the bike, and after much consideration, we ended buying a wee ride, which has proved to be a pretty big hit. And then there was the very important issue of finding a suitable basket, which the mister also took care of for me (oh, yes, he's good that man). So, after much preparation, yesterday we were finally off, with the sun and the sea breeze to keep us company. We even found some flowers for our basket along the way. Luckily for me, we live in a very flat town, I'm not sure that my legs could cope with a hill at this stage.

p.s, thanks for the effelant love, he went to a good home the very night I listed him!


Melody said...

I need to get a bicycle and start peddling, too. I remember loving riding my bike as a girl.

jodi said...

we have matching bikes Emma! Mine needs a bit of work though. And yes, we're planning on buying a wee ride. Looks like J loves it. We'll have to meet up and go rising together. fun x