Tuesday, April 22, 2008


no road trip would be complete without checking out what the country op-shops have to offer. Although I did not visit nearly as many as I would have liked to, due to the weather (which we won't mention anymore, as it continues outside) and also the small matter of not wanting to stop the engine too many times because the baby would wake, I did manage to bring home this modest pile of vintage linens. There were a couple of times where arran actually did a few laps of the block while I had a quick squiz. It's hard getting away with going in by myself these days though as fin and willow have developed quite a liking for the oppies as well, what can I say, it must be genetic.
I also scored five of these fab plates. Aren't they the most perfectly hazyjaneish flowers you've ever seen?


Linda said...

Man, I want a holiday into the country. The city finds are getting few and far between.

Linda said...

ps. I dont think you can leave a comment on your blog if youre not on blogger - had to use my old one. Does that make sense?

karenjane said...

wowee, some great finds! i am realy jelous of those plates, i love them. sounds like you had a great day