Friday, April 25, 2008

pimp my fila

so, the other day mr arran came home with this "fila sports bag" which he picked up for five bucks on clearance, for my still homeless laptop, because, you know, he worries about expensive technical equipment just lying around unprotected. This was just going to be a temporary measure until I got around to making an appropriate bag of my own design. Anyway, as I was sitting there admiring all the hardware on this bag, thinking how I could use it on the bag I was going to make, it occurred to me that I could in fact just USE THE WHOLE BAG.
so, I just unpicked the flap, and took the binding and lining off it and reused them on the new one, which of course is out of my beloved apple oilcloth which I was going to make the bag out of all along. It's embarrassing how easy it was, really. Well, easy for me that is, I'm not so sure about my poor sewing machine. Sewing through four layers of canvas and one layer of oilcloth can't have been too good for it. I swear one of these days if I come into any decent amount of money, I'm going to invest in an industrial machine. But, then again, a machine that can sew through heavy canvas effortlessly kind of scares the hell out of me, in the same way chainsaws do.
needless to say, after loving the first one so much, I had to go and get another one.


blueberrylane said...

what a groovy idea...I'll have one to please :)

fiona said...

love the bag, what a coll idea.that apple oilcthoth is fantastic!