Tuesday, February 10, 2009

handmade help

willow did his usual sneaky trick and turned on the telly this morning, and we all sat watching in disbelief as we realised just how much devastation has come of the victorian bushfires. I still can't comprehend what those poor people have gone through and what still faces those who have survived as they try to rebuild their lives, and I find myself feeling very fortunate right now. So, when I discovered the Handmade Help website today, I immediately decided to join in, and am auctioning the above effelant on ebay, with the proceeds going towards the bushfire appeal. If you haven't heard about it already, go on over there and take a look, there are some really cool handmade goodies being sold for the cause. As they say, every little bit counts.

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Victoria said...

Look like it sold pretty quick! Love that fabric. LOVE those pants in your shop. I need to have another baby and dress her (yes it must be girl, got enough little boys) in pants like that all the time - that would rock.