Friday, February 13, 2009


unfortunately, I am one of those people who ticks "yes" in the "have you read the terms and policies?" box when really, I haven't, because doing that would be really, really boring. As a result, I often find things out later that I should have known earlier, like that you can't actually sell on behalf of an unregistered charity on ebay. Makes sense, really, doesn't it? Thank god I wasn't the only one who did that, or I'd be feeling a tad foolish right now. yellow effelant was evicted from ebay and has now set up residence in my etsy shop, so please hop on over there and buy him, so I can send the money to those who need it. Thanks.


Rach said...

Not sure if you are keen but I am arranging a little craft-in/sewing day thing at my place sometime in the not to distant future - of course all for handmade help. check out my blog if you are interested.


Erin said...

You have such a nice blog! I have nominated you for The Lemonade Award.

Fiona said...

You mean there are people who actually read the terms and conditions?! I know we all should, but I never do either.

He's a beautiful elephant. :)

(And thankyou for the tag, I've been meaning to say. I'm onto it!)