Sunday, March 2, 2008

making headway

after a particularly shitty morning at the shops the other day, I decided to abandon the grocery shopping (who needs food anyway?) in favour of coming home and settling my troubled child who clearly does not like going to woolworths. Who can blame him? Once home, the little angel promptly went off to sleep, and left me with some unexpected time on my hands, which I for once put to good use and finished off this skirt which was ordered before christmas, that being the last of my orders from the shop. Now, I didn't harbour any high hopes for this one, expecting to be interrupted at any moment by crying babe or telemarketers on the phone, but this time, the planets actually aligned, and I was able to complete a job from go to woe, and do a darn good job on the zipper if I do say so myself. Now let's just hope it fits the lovely lady I made it for.
In other news, I have just uploaded the new hazyjane website, the new simplified version. There are a few things that aren't finished yet, but I'm liking it a lot. Especially the new font I discovered, called pupcat. If ever there was a great name for a font, that's it. I tell ya, things are happening around here.


Linda said...

the website look good. i have this sheet fabric in orange -nice

Claire Falkingham said...

Great fabric, can't wait to see what you make with it, love the bag in the previous post.
Glad that my child isn't the only one who loses the plot in Woolies, she can't bare Spotlight either! Must be the bloody awful lighting and the subliminal advertising!