Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's...a new car!

I'm still in a bit of a sewing funk at the moment, I just can't be bothered starting anything. I did need a new bag, though, because I like to travel light and can't bring myself to haul one of those huge nappy bags around with me everywhere I go. So, I made myself this "in-between" bag, which is big enough to hold a few baby essentials and my stuff as well. I'm liking it very much. Almost as much as my NEW CAR!!! (well, second-hand camry actually). Things were getting a little cramped in the laser, so I've joined the land of real parents and bought a stationwagon.
Now, the thing you need to realise about me is that I can be very stubborn, and I really like to do things differently from others (well, you probably already guessed that, yeah?), sometimes to the point where it becomes impractrical. I can't believe I'm admitting to that. When fin was a baby, I used only cloth nappies on him, and arran's favourite story to tell about my craziness is the one where we went on a camping trip for a week up the north coast with only cloth nappies, because I insisted that I didn't want any disposable nappies touching the precious bottom of my baby boy. Imagine us, the baby, the dog, all our stuff and a bag of dirty nappies in a van for a week. Don't worry, I did wash along the way! I also used to go on about how I would never own a mobile phone, because the world had functioned perfectly well for thousands of years without them, and I didn't like the idea of digital cameras, and wasn't real keen on computers either.
I went and got myself a mobile phone as soon as fin started pre school, because I couldn't bear the thought of them not being able to contact me. I now have my own digital camera and laptop. And I now have a car with an alarm, an immobiliser for god's sake and one of those push button thingies on your keyring that unlocks and locks all the doors (very handy with small baby in the arms). And you know what, I love it. I still wouldn't go so far as to say I couldn't live without these things, though. There are times when I still miss my old Hillman Hunter and taking photos on film and not having to buy mobile phone credit, but I must say, life is a lot easier with these little luxuries.


Victoria said...

The corners of your home pics are very very nice.
I swore I'd never own a digital camera!

Levin (and Emily) said...

we too have the family car, the laptop, the digital camera (actually ours just died and I have to replace it) and a mobile phone :(
i wish i didn't - but it's hard to live in this world without them. i love blogging so much, but without photos it's just not as nice and without a laptop it's just not accessible.
doop doop keys are lovely when hands are full though!