Friday, February 1, 2008

big school

yeah, that's right, this blog's all about photos of my kids these days. Well, you didn't really think I could let this momentous occasion go by without a report, did you? Mr willow had his first day of big school today, and yes, I survived without him. I even managed to hold myself together this morning when we dropped him off, I think having jasper was the key. What am I going to be like when he starts school? I can really understand how people keep having kids, their just so darn irresistible. Not that I'll be having anymore though, cute as they are.
Apparently the day went well, although fin told me that he found the little man in tears in the playground at lunch time, because he couldn't find his big brother as arranged (oh yes, that did wonders for my already fragile state of mind), so now a suitable meeting place has been set up. And when I asked fin if he liked having his little brother at school with him, he said that it had been boring without him there. How sweet is that?


Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm so glad he (and you) coped. It's such a big step. Louis started kindy but like I said before it's only 4 afternoons a week. I'm not sure what I will do when he starts school. I will miss him terribly. I guess it signals a new stage in my life - one I'm not sure if I'm ready for.
But, like you, I'm not having more children.

Victoria said...

That photo looks very similar to my boy's first day photos. It's huge isn't it!