Sunday, February 24, 2008


great light in willow's room yesterday, so I thought I'd try a little self-portrait -in-the-mirror. This is about the only shot that I managed to actually get the mirror into, so that's about as good as it gets. Oh, and that's not me trying to look all mature-like, it's me trying to hold up jasper's head with my chin whilst trying to take a photo with my free hand whilst not being able to see the freakin' screen on the camera to make sure I was taking a photo of the right thing, that being us and not the opposite corner of the room. Not easy, I tell ya. But would you look at that sweet little face (his, not mine).
Then the pro comes along, so I ask him to do the honours, and the baby falls asleep. Still cute, though.


Levin (and Emily) said...

oh that's sweet. that's one sweet little face.
are you still having fun?

emma said...


tiel said...

you are persistent. It is quite a task to get a self portrait with child.

love the sleep/mouth open face.

Maggie Pie said...

Cameras + mirrors are really tricky!(I had a go myself today)What a lovely shot.