Thursday, March 13, 2008

how many am I mum?

yesterday was willow's fifth birthday. Five at last! He kept asking me "how many" he is, and when I would answer, "nearly five", "four and a half", or "four and three quarters", he would get very frustrated because he wanted to be a whole number. So now he's five, and he's happy. And he's actually of school age, which is good, considering there are kids in his class who are already six. I bought him a little ukelele for his birthday, which he is most impressed with, and he now plays it to jasper to put him to sleep. As you can see in the picture, jasper is really enjoying that. There was of course a birthday song, which went something like this (to the tune of "I won't back down"):
"Where the viking goes and it's backing down
and it's going high and low
and then I tested out the bestest dragon in the whole entire world
and then I became the viking king
and then I destroyed all the bad boys"
Yeah, I think we have a song writer on our hands here.


ada sunday said...

how very cute! We are on a bit of a uke run here as well. Five is a very big number.

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - five! that's pretty big. and fancy being able to write songs like that too.
we came home from the beach the other day and julian sang a song that he made up the whole way home - it was a 20 minute drive!!!
this was interspersed with louis shouting 'MAZDA' ....... '3' or '6' or 'SEX9' (CX 9 i believe). there are moments when i can't wait to get out of the car.

Victoria said...

The song is very good but those shorts are BRILLIANT!!

Ariza said...

Good words.