Tuesday, March 18, 2008

some hairs are longer than others

remember this little face? Well, after hanging out with a blue cattle dog for the past six months, she didn't turn out quite as pristine as one could expect from a breed with an "oodle" on the end. Because, you know, they did tell me that she would need brushing, and I was like "yeah yeah, just give me the dog", and then I went and had a baby, and a few things got forgotten about. Like brushing the dog. Then I started to notice that the dog was putting on a bit of weight, mainly in the rear end, so she was given the dubious title of "fat arse". And then one day, I gave that fat arse a bit of a pat, and discovered that it was in fact one giant fur ball, so matted that not even water could penetrate the giant tangled mass. I did consider handing her over to the groomers, but then thought better of it, in case they just took one look at her and called the RSPCA, so to the scissors we went. After about two hours of combing and clipping, the back deck looked like it had been the venue for a beginners class in sheep shearing, and that was only stage one, we still have the back legs to do. However, now that arse isn't so fat anymore, and sally has decided that she likes the layered look.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i wish i could give myself a hair cut to lose weight!!
she/he is soooo cute.