Monday, March 31, 2008

another day, another quilt

this afternoon I finished this quilt for jasper. I started it yesterday. Well, that's not entirely true, I've had most of the squares cut out for a couple of weeks, but when I first put it together, it wasn't quite right, so I deleted a few, and then found a new fat quarter, and then remembered an old velvet dress I had stashed (thanks, sam), and then it was finally right, so I threw it together. Now before you go thinking I'm some kind of quilting phenomenon (is that spelt right? that's one hard word to write), you should know that once I start on a project, I either leave it sitting around for two years until I finally get sick of looking at it and do something about it, or I sew like a maniac and finish it all in one hit, usually at the expense of dinner and household chores. Let's just say, last night we had eggs and toasties for dinner. Not that I'm admitting that was my fault though, because I fully blamed the mr for going skateboarding until 7pm. It's getting chilly at night now (yay, I can light the fire soon), and everyone has quilts except for the jasper, so I felt it was high time I made him one. This was actually my second attempt. The first one, which I will be able to show off soon, was all in blues and browns, and about half way through, I realised that it was more fin than jasper, an observation that was seconded by the young man himself as he was watching me sew it up. "Mum, can't I just have that quilt?" (I could hear the cogs turning..."it's not like jasper's gonna know any different"). Um, ok. In all fairness, fin's quilt was one I started when I was pregnant with him, and finished about three years later. Yeah, it was one of those projects. Anyway, it's all a bit yellow (for some reason, I was going for "gender neutral"), and also quite small, so he's been asking for a new one for a while now. The top of it is finished, I just need to put it all together now, the part I dislike the most. Oh, and one other thing, I think I've decided to make one more this week, for a special event that's happening later in the week. I'll be back soon. p.s thanks for the lovely photos, northern sky


Levin (and Emily) said...

what a beautiful quilt. i've just finished my very first and i have orders to make more. julian wants his in red, orange and yellow and louis wants pink. my friend and i were discussing it and we figured julian can have one half of the rainbow and louis can have the second half. together it could be quite beautiful.
i can't wait to see the other quilt you are making. it sounds most intriguing.

Victoria said...

I love that close up shot of the quilt. The brown fabric and its design, next to the reds, looks awesome. Have a great trip, hope the opshopping is fortuous.