Wednesday, October 31, 2007

rest time

I've decided, now that I am 30 weeks pregnant, not to open the shop on wednesdays anymore. I feel that this is a good enough reason, as I am becoming oh so tired now, even just walking seems like an effort! The other main reason for this break is to spend some more time with this little guy, before he goes off and leaves me for big school next year.He is so torn between being a big boy and my baby at the moment. We've had lots of tears at pre-school drop-off time, some of which resulted in mamma tears at pre school last week. There's nothing like having a good cry in front of a whole bunch of strangers. Luckily, we go to a very warm and friendly pre-school, where the kids are all treated like one big family, and the teacher made me a cup of tea and looked after me. Still, I think I freaked the kids out a bit! It's funny how some people look at me like, "why are you working so hard, you're pregnant, remember?", and then others are completely oblivious to it, like the ones that come into my shop and say "I'll bring in my pants for you to fix". None of this "do you do alterations?" I guess that's what you get for having a sewing machine set up in your shop, people just assume that you're there to fix things. I used to be really weak, and couldn't say no to people, and as a result ended up doing some really annoying mending jobs, which nearly killed my machine. These days, I don't find it so hard to say no. It also helps having the phone number of local lady who does do alterations!


Meggy said...

Oh I feel for you having the last trimester through summer, I had all summer babies and I still wonder why I did it...LOL

Levin (and Emily) said...

i too had 2 summer babies - never again (but i've said that before!!)

i too had tears - when julian went to school and cried and cried. one mother told me i shouldn't cry in front of him - i just stood there crying thinking, okay, but how do i stop?! it's not something you can just switch off. i think it's one of the hardest parts of being a mother - having to make your kids do things that make them feel scared or frightened.

you make sure you take care of yourself over the next 10 weeks - i would come and help you out, but i'm too far away - but i want you to promise to put your feet up and have a cuppa regularly.


emma said...

thanks guys, and I promise, I am taking it easy...and I am saying "no" to people!