Sunday, October 14, 2007

home again

we have returned from our north coast adventure, feeling refreshed and ready for some serious work that needs doing around here. We had a really relaxing week, with our live-in babysitters doing lots of fun stuff with the kids, including a trip to "timbertown", which apparently hasn't changed much since I went there about 30 years ago. I guess that's how it is with these "ye olde" themepark thingys. The boys came away with the obligatory matching t-shirts, which they are most impressed with, and we were treated to pa's "bullocky songs" cd in the evening. Hmmn. There were also lots of trips to the beach and fossil hunting (pa's a geologist), which didn't go down too badly either. Of course, I took full advantage and had a little lie down at every opportunity. Being on holidays does tend to make one very tired. Oh, and there was all that op-shopping as well.

We did manage to find a lovely new home while we were away, in a quaint little country town, which I knew was perfect as soon as we drove in and spotted the oppy, with a skate park right next to it. Happy times. So, we'll be moving here just as soon as I win lotto, or maybe someone out there has a spare $430 grand they'd like to give me? No, I thought not.


Linda said...

lovely load of goodies.

Victoria said...

THAT is a huge pile of good opshop stuff you got there, so good.

Levin (and Emily) said...

welcome back!
lucky you to find those op shop treasures. i didn't get to an op shop and i wish i had but our time just flew by so quickly.
photos are great - looks like you had fun!

Victoria said...

Yeah, I did notice the green love hearts but i didn't want to mention that I'm obsessed with that design because it might of sounded like a hint! Wanna swap a bit of it for a bit of my opshop fabric collection or some pillowcases?