Tuesday, October 16, 2007

magazine love

is it just me, or is there a lot of eye candy around at the moment in the mags? I did a lot of poring over mags while I was away (also had to purchase the new inside out), and I must say, there was lots to look at, and be very envious of. Not that my home isn't yummy, and cosy, and interesting, but somehow other people's stuff always looks nicer, doesn't it. There's always that feeling of "oh, I could have done that, if only I'd thought of it". I'm imagining this kitchen in my church, when I purchase it, although I think those cupboards might need some doors, to stop little people unpacking them all the time. We had open shelving for a while, and let me just say, it inspired me to go and make our kitchen doors myself.
And then there's those yummy looking white rooms, where the owners insist there is no problem having kids (there are three boys, and a dad, living in the house in this picture). Right. I wouldn't let willow within ten feet of a white lounge. Still, I dream of one day painting all the walls white and having a white lounge. For now I'll stick to aubergine and snotty green, as willow likes to call it. Besides, I'll have a baby spewing on it soon as well.
I do feel inspired to declutter our house a little, and make it more summery and fresh, and less "cosy cottage filled with crap". I think being on holidays makes you realise that you can actually function quite well without all that stuff around you, in some ways it's actually liberating to just not have to look at it all for a while. I'm currently in the process of moving fin into his own room, because he's a big boy now, and I suddenly realised that the baby's room was just sitting there not being used, and the baby would probably not even end up using that room anyway, so fin's room it is. Stay tuned for updates.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i would love to de-clutter too but i can't bring myself to throw anything out. i think i have issues as we moved a lot as a family and a lot of my history went out the door. not everyone in my family feels the same way though, so it's probably a personal thing. but i like the idea of wide open spaces in summer, air flowing through, sheer curtains billowing in the breeze. but then come winter, i want to be surrounded by clutter and warmth and rich vibrant colours. i guess i really need two houses - a summer and a winter house. how decadent would that be.
i love your church - how perfect would that be!

Victoria said...

So true - the home magazines in Australia have been particularly good lately. I suspect they are reading a lot of design blogs, etc, tapping into that aesethic (can't remember the spelling but you know the word I mean).

emma said...

yeah, I think two houses is the way to go, and don't worry, I won't be getting rid of anything sentimental, just some of the more meaningless crap I've accumulated along the way!