Monday, October 1, 2007

monday afternoon whip up

today has been one of those days. It all started at around 4am, with fin yelling out having had a nightmare, closely followed by willow wanting to play a game on the computer. Oh sure, would you like me to get up and turn that on for you darling? I don't know why that abrupt awakening was such a problem for me, it's not like I was really sleeping anyway...the baby is making sure that doesn't happen. So, after a long treacherous day, I finally decided the best thing to do would be to have a lie down and ignore everything for a while, so that's what I did, and when I arose, I suddenly decided that I need a new bag. My black leather one, even though I still love it, was feeling a little too serious for the warm weather we're now experiencing, and we're going on holiday next week (yay), so I whipped up this little denim number this afternoon. It's amazing how fast you can do something if you put your mind to it (and ignore whatever else is going on around you). Thankyou to mr.arran for the denim, three rolls off a chuckout, and if anyone has ever looked at my flickr page, you will notice that I have used a piece of my very favourite fabric for the pocket. Only a very small piece, mind you, I still have enough left for a couple of cushion panels.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful bag!
and we are going on a holiday next week too. our first real holiday and let me say, i'm so excited i'm stressing myself out. we plan to fly to melbourne (yep, on a plane!!!) and then hire a car and drive back to adelaide via the great ocean road where we will stop 70 million times so the boys don't drive us crazy.
hope your holiday is good

Veronica TM said...

i love that bag! maybe you are out of town now, just wanted to visit your new blog.
enjoy your time off! {and hopefully you will sleep a lot}.

ingrid said...

Lovely to see you in blogger world. I have lurked on your old blog for quite a while, but it is nice to be able to leave comments here. So I am just popping by to say I love your style! Cute bag too :-)