Thursday, June 24, 2010

today I...

made a calendar. Why would you be making a calendar halfway through the year I hear you asking, and quite rightly so. Well, the reason I am making a calendar halfway through the year is because I was too stupid to buy one at the start of the year, when other, more sensible folk get these things sorted and thus become organised and remember to do things. Not me. I am the sort of person who decides they will solely rely on the calendars they give out in frankie magazine, because they are cute and sweet. So what if you only get two months at a time. I will keep buying this sweet little mag because it's great and as we approach the end of the second month, I will just write down important upcoming events for the next month on little scraps of paper that will of course become lost amongst the plethora of little scraps of paper that decorate our home, so that those upcoming events will come upon us as more of a surprise. Ah yes, it is fun to live one's life this way, but what if one decides they don't want to buy the mag one month. What if they don't like the look of the girl on the cover, or they simply don't have nine bucks to drop on it, deciding they need some new hand cream instead? Well then that person is stuck either paying full price for a calendar that they will only use half of, or making one themselves. And yes, I know there are countless free calendar downloads out there, but I didn't like any of them. Not "hand-made" enough. So, for approximately two hours this afternoon I drew up a calendar, by hand. There were countless other things I could have been doing, like sewing things that people are waiting for, or finding out more about our new prime minister, but that would have been boring. And besides, I have a clever husband who reads newspapers rather than magazines, and he can fill me in on such important current affairs, whilst I am doing something else more interesting. And besides that, he was starting to get sick of only having two months at a time, with nowhere to write down important future skateboarding events, so I owed it to him.
So, now that I have made a calendar, I can cross it off my "I can just make that myself" list, and move on. The silly thing is (yes, I know, you thought that was the silly thing), I think I can remember making my own calendar when I was about nine years old, and feeling like I'd wasted my time then. You'd think I would have learnt my lesson. Let's see, that gives me about 27 years before I have to make another one.
ps. I haven't seen the latest frankie yet, and I'm sure the girl on the cover is just peachy, but I don't think I can buy it on principle. I mean, what would I do with the calendar?


sean the prawn said...

Nice looking calender Emma!
You must have been desperate to avoid a bit of sewing today.
Mind you it is quite reassuring & calming for the soul to feel
organised. I get that feeling every few weeks when I remember I have a diary somewhere in the house.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love it - well done you :-) Never heard of that magazine, now I am going to have to look for it to see what it is and who is on the cover.

Levin said...

i love your calendar. and yes, i love the frankie ones too but yours is even nicer ;-)

Timmi said...

Ha-ha I need a calendar too, and yes it's almost Sept! Things are coming in thick + fast this second half of the year... and soon it will be Christmas. This is a great craft for me and my son to do on the wkend.