Monday, June 7, 2010


it finally ocurred to me recently that: a) I have so much fabric in my shed that it's overwhelming and indeed sometimes stops me from being able to make rational decisions, b) there is in fact some fabric that doesn't appeal to me as much as it used to, which seems to throw a little cloud over my head when I go looking, and c) that there are probably some other crafty folk out there who would like to get their hands on some of what I have, and this would be a good way of sharing and also might add some much needed funds to my "buy a little farm" fund. So, in the spirit of offloading sharing, there are now fabric packs available in my shop from time to time. These packs consist of six large pieces of vintage goodness, which can be cut up for patchwork, etc. Whatever you like.
speaking of the shop, there has been a recent spate of sales...a small and somewhat short-lived spate, but a spate nonetheless. And, you know, that farm might take a while to save for in this manner, so I decided in the meantime I might just buy some shoes.
and fabric. And a new book. These things will definitely help me wile away the time.
the shoes are from oxygen, although I bought them here because they were much more helpful.


jodi said...

gorgeous shoes, lovely book and if I could sew I'd buy a fabric set. Please make sure you keep enough fabric to make che his annual pair(s) of hazyjane summer pants. they're the greatest. x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I want those shoes, where are they from?