Tuesday, June 22, 2010

getting out of the nest

not too much happening around here right now. At this time of year I'm happy to just spend my days at home, puttering about the house, the smell of something yummy wafting from the oven and sweet sounds on the stereo (going to see them on friday night!!). Sure, I get a little stir crazy after a while, but we are lucky enough to live here, in the land of the sunshiney winter, and although it's raining again today, we've had a week of glorious sun filled clear winter days, just perfect for packing a picnic and heading off to the city like we did on sunday.
we went to the olympic park, which is a strange and interesting kind of place. The kids took full advantage of the bike tracks and the two biggest boys even managed to fit in a skate/scoot at the monster skate park. Picture a room full of metal ramps with 50 or so kids on scooters going all over the place, including upside down. I had to really concentrate just to keep track of where fin was (one must be watching at all times in order to be able to make appropriate comments later on).
Sometimes I forget how easy it is to get in the car and go. Leave the dirty dishes, the washing and the unmade beds, and just go. Get out in the sun and forget about it all. The housework will still be there later, and the same again tomorrow, so who cares? And, besides the obvious benefits of just being outside in the sun, kids will eat just about anything if it's at a picnic.


Anonymous said...

Yay, sounds like a great thing to do when the sun is shining.

sean the prawn said...

Sounds like a great day at Homebush. I must try out the kids eat almost anything at a picnic concept could be the answer I'm looking for.

Levin said...

i love your esky!
sounds like you had a great day. lately we've been getting out a lot more - but i have to admit, i love being at home - warm and snug and happy.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Yey for picnics, I just love them! Yes, the cleaning will be there forever more and anyhow research suggests we need a bit of dust and germs to keep us healthy so there you go :-)