Monday, November 10, 2008

today I...

sharpened these pencils, for the little artist who keeps leaving funny little pictures everywhere in our house. Now I have a sore thumb. Oh, yes, that fabric, that deserves a mention. My "stash overhaul" is still going, and I found this one yesterday, hidden away in a suitcase where it hadn't seen the light of day in a long time. This is possibly my all-time favourite piece, although I know I've said that before about numerous other pieces, but really, who could go past a fifties(??) gardening theme? Not me, that's for sure.
went walking in the sunshine, which resulted in my little travelling companion going to sleep. He has hurty teeth, and any awake time has been spent crying and crawling all over me, so a little morning nap, which ended up lasting nearly three hours, was a welcome relief for both of us. And don't you just love jacarandahs?
found these lovelies whilst walking (in my local op shop). From the left, another colour way of a sheet I already have, a very nice vintage tablecloth, and a very nylon cafe curtain, which I just had to have for those apples. Not loving the nyloniness of it so much, but I'm thinking it may make some very sweet lining for some hazyjane pencil cases, because a girl who loves pencils should really be making pencil cases. What did you do today?

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jodi said...

Thought of you today actually! How are you? Love freshly sharpened pencils. Yes, you should make pencil cases. What did I do - read my post. Found a steiner playgroup - on my street!