Tuesday, November 25, 2008

feeling better now

much better. I've wanted to come back here earlier, really I have. I was just lacking the energy. And enthusiasm. Man, being sick can really get you down. Being sick and having a husband that has to work every weekend for three weeks while you're sick is even worse. Came very close to hiring a nanny, I can tell you.but, we're all better now. The conjunctivitis didn't make it past jasper, miraculously, so we all have our eyesight in tact, and the sore throats are gradually dispersing. Just left with that annoying little cough that gets you when you're on the phone or trying to sleep in between night feeds (still having plenty of those. Jeez, that boy must be hungry.) Jasper also managed to sprout two new teeths in amongst it all, so that's been fun as well. Ah, the joys of parenthood. I wonder what lovely little surprise those boys will bring home from school next.
um, I just remembered that I have completely failed to mention how the balmain show went. Roaring success!! Sold nearly all my stuff, so it seems that I'll be back there again next year. Yay!!


karenjane said...

gosh im so glad your feeling better, sounds like a not fun time:( hope you have a realy nice week to make up for it xo

jodi said...

Good to hear. Great news about the market too - go you! Chat very soon x

Julie said...

So glad you are better. Being sick with kids is the hardest.Congrats on your big sale. If you are up to it I tagged you for a meme - no pressure :)