Saturday, November 29, 2008

holiday pants

so I picked up a nice long piece of this fab original hawaiian print at the salvo's the other day, and promptly set about clothing my entire family in it. Well, I'm part the way there. Willow's were whipped up out of necessity, for "boardies day" at school, and jasper's were thrown in because if I'm going to make one pair, I might as well make two (or four as sometimes is the case). Surprisingly, mister eight also wants a pair, although there is to be no hazyjane tag, and the pockets have to be "inside pockets". Hmm.
We're off on our annual family mid north coast trip in the morning, so I won't be around for a week, not that that will make much of a difference to my blogging frequency. It's been pouring down here the past couple of days, so hopefully it's rained itself out and we'll be headed into some nice sunny sunshine. See you in a week!


Levin (and Emily) said...

if you ever want a dry holiday, then come on down to Adelaide - it never rains here :(
hope your holiday goes well!!

leah b said...

this fabric is sooooo spunky. gorgeous pants. Leah.B