Sunday, August 24, 2008


now, I suppose you were wondering a few months ago when I went through that little phase of quilting hysteria, why I never made one for the willow? Well, it wasn't because he's the middle child and therefore misses out on stuff, it was because he already had one, the "puzzle blankie". This is basically just an ikea cot quilt which I made a patchwork cover for when he was just a wee babe in his cot. Now, as you can probably imagine, five years and many bowls of ice cream later, this poor quilt has become quite bedraggled, and is in fact threadbare and texta-marked in many places, so I have made several attempts to patch it. Willow has been pointing out one rather large hole to me for the past couple of weeks, and when I finally got around to fixing it this weekend, I had to admit that the puzzle blankie was beyond repair. Because I am on fairly limited time these days, a quick fix was needed, and just as I was about to make a basic cover out of two contrasting sheets, I suddenly remembered a recent vinnies purchase.
our kids are kinda nutty about any kind of wildlife, and when I showed this particular tablecloth to willow, his face turned into one gigantic smile (and fin also grumbled that there are no animals on his sweetheart, but there are mushrooms, and mushrooms are fun, right?). So, I just used some red spotty seersucker as a border and backed it with, yes, an old sheet, and bob's your uncle. Well, he is, actually. So now I'll salvage all the good bits out of the puzzle blankie and put them together with some new pieces for a quilt that willow can keep . Not right now, though. The other great thing about the new quilt is that it reminds me of my nan, I thought of her as soon as I picked up that tablecloth in the op shop. My nan is about as australian as they come, and at 77 is still towing a caravan around the place. It's her birthday today, and because I'm the kind of person who forgets to call important people for their birthdays, I am writing about it here, because I know she'll be reading this in the next couple of days, and will probably email me to tell me all about it, because she's computer-savvy too. Happy birthday nan, I love you!


Levin (and Emily) said...

happy birthday nan!
makes me wish i had grandparents. unfortunately, because we migrated to australia, i never knew my grandparents :(
love the new quilt - lucky willow.

Victoria said...

LOVE IT. I predict heirloom status. The aussiness it perfectly perfect.

Julie said...

Love these. I love australiana.