Thursday, August 14, 2008

buttoned up

so it seems that my little package has arrived safely in vancouver, and the lovely erica liked it! Some buttons made from one of my favourite vintage fabrics, originally some cute little cafe curtains, one of which we have hanging in the lounge room. If there was actually any light in our lounge room, I may be able to share a photo of that, but there is not, so I can't. I made for erica a sunglass case, which was the most universally useful thing I could come up with. It's hard to make something for someone you know nothing about (I didn't know about her blog until after I'd posted the package). I think I did alright.
There's not been much sewing happening lately, as you may well expect, just finishing off some orders and gifts, and also working on a website for my good friend helen. Yes, apparently I am now a web designer. Helen is my yoga teacher and is one of those people who makes you feel good just to be around them. She does pregnancy, postnatal and astanga classes, as well as birth rehearsal workshops. I'm really loving doing the postnatal classes. Now, if I could just manage to pull my finger out and actually do some at home as well...