Saturday, August 23, 2008

all he wants to do is chew

since sprouting teeth last week, (yes, "teeth", he ended up with three in four days, there's nothing like getting these things over and done with in one hit), jasper has decided that he is now a big boy, and will only eat grown-up food. So, now I have a nice little stockpile of frozen mushy veggies that he won't touch, it's all toast and vegemite sandwiches for him. I have to sneak mouthfuls in between bites. Lucky he is still a big fan of the boob, and has been treating it gently, so I guess he won't starve! Some other neat new tricks include waking up four to five times during the night, sleeping erratically during the day, and sitting up:
he likes to sit in his cot to watch me make the bed (heaven forbid I lay him down), and laughs as I throw back the sheets, and pile my pillows around him. He's still sleeping in our room, I can't bear to move him just yet, being the last baby and all. Also, I don't fancy having three children wake each other up all night. One at a time is all we can manage right now. Willow still often wakes feeling lonely and scared during the night, so I toddle off into his bed for a while, if I can't be bothered waking mr arran, and fin has been having growing pains. I tell ya, it's like the twilight zone around here most nights. I know I'm not alone on this one, though.
I also realised the other day that jasper is now quite big enough to have his car seat facing forwards, a fact which had entirely escaped me. So now trips in the car are a little bit more enjoyable. This child has been known to cry for thirty kilometres in the past, but now he seems to be quite happy, being able to see what's going on. Funny that.

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jodi said...

Nice seat Jasper! Looks familiar x