Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ah spring, how I love thee

this post was supposed to happen last night, but jasper woke up as I was about to get started, and that was the end of that. So, here I am on this second day of spring, which was just as beautiful as the first. I am so glad to be wearing short sleeves and open toes again (well, during the day at least, the nights are still pretty cool). I don't know whether it's just because we have children at school now or if it has something to do with the lack of insulation on our fibro shack, but there always seems to be someone sick in our house during winter, and I am so over it. Fin , jasper and I are just getting over what must be about our fifth dose of sore throats this year, and willow is in bed right now running a temp and speaking in tongues. Bring on the sunshine, I say.
I had a request for a mei tai sling the other day, and when I checked in on what the soulemama was up to that same night, what had she written about? Why that very thing, of course. I remember her writing about the one she made in the past, and thinking it looked pretty cool, but it never occurred to me before that it might be good to carry around my own small child in, since he has become not too fond of the previous one I made. So, after carefully inspecting her pic (for all of about 30 seconds), I chopped up that old one that was sitting around gathering dust, and turned it into a hazyjaneish mei tai sling. Got it right first go. Very proud of myself. The little pumpkin seems to like it, especially the taste apparently. He also enjoys pushing against me with both hands and feet and arching his back out. I think it's some kind of protest for putting him so close to the boobs, without actually offering him any of the good stuff. It's working well, though, and is much more comfortable than any other slings I've tried. I wear it with the straps crossed over at the back, it seems more secure this way and disperses the weight more evenly. Oh, and I don't think I'll be trying the putting-the-baby-on-the-back-unassisted routine at any time soon. Tried that one this morning and kind of dropped him. On the bed, thank god.
p.s. obviously I didn't take that lovely photo, thanks to northern sky for that one, and also some more


Rach said...

Yes, welcome Spring (although not today). I just wanted to drop by and say hi to a fellow Central Coast blogging-etsy crafter-op shopping mamma. I thought I was alone here on the Coast... I hope all is well in your cottage by the sea. Rach (www.grandyandbaa.etsy.com)

ada sunday said...

Hi there to fellow mum in the world of boys. I have no idea how to put Fox on my back at all in the mei tai. Same as you it has led to some near disasters. I agree, bring on the warmer weather. Our heater has broken so it HAS to get warmer now.

jodi said...

Oh so funny...go look at the picture I just posted. so similar to yours. Che loves his sling...I hardly use the pram anymore. I was thinking of searching out a mei tei sling. You planning on selling them?

Levin (and Emily) said...

i want another baby to carry around in a sling.
actually, i don't really - three is my limit - but it looks so cute and I do miss those days.
we have had the winter from hell with colds, coughs, snot and tonsillitis. i think we are coming out of it now - hooray for spring!