Tuesday, September 30, 2008


...getting into mischief (lucky "wildmut" is there to keep an eye on things),
and getting stuck in some really funny places
after swanning about on his belly (mainly backwards) for the past few weeks, the little man has finally cracked the crawling, and after surveying every little nook and cranny from a reclined position for nigh on nine months now, he is off to explore his surrounds. Oh, the baby-proofing to be done. I read somewhere the other day that anything that can fit into a film cannister is a potential choking hazard. That counts for about 90% of the contents of our house. Then there's the books that we don't really want torn to shreds, the le creuset which now has to live on the stove instead of the low shelf where it can be pulled down, the lego which really has to be packed up, and the camera bags which should really find a more permanent home than on the floor. Just when the kids were old enough to not have to worry about these things, we went and had another one! Oh, the fun to be had.

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