Thursday, July 3, 2008

six months

this little man is six months old today. How did that happen? He must have known today was special, because he was awake every hour last night in anticipation, and at 5am he decided he could wait no longer, it was time to get up and party. Yeah, I always like a party at 5am. Especially the kind where the dad turns on the all the lights in the house and wakes up the other party animals, and then goes off to work and leaves me with it. Hmmn.
Anyway, for some reason, I took it upon myself to go to kmart today, for a birthday gift for a fellow lego fan. That would be the kmart with the mega toy sale that started at midnight last night, which somehow had escaped my attention. Who the hell wants to go to kmart at midnight (or any time for that matter?) Apparently lots of people, because I hear there was a three hour queue for the layby. Now, I would rather pay the extra and not have to stand around in kmart for three hours. In fact, I would probably be willing to pay more than have to endure that.
Since I was there anyway, I decided I might get a little happy six month birthday gift for the jasper, since most of his toys are hand me downs from his brothers, but everything was plastic and pretty revolting, so I just got him some fancy shmancy "from six months" organic oats from coles instead. I think he was pleased with this choice, as he ate a whole bowl for afternoonsies.who needs plastic crap, when you could have a belly full of apples and oats? (I'm sure there's plenty of horses out there who would agree).


Ché & Fidel said...

Very cute...happy half year Jasper.
Read this link
Che was six months when I wrote this post.
Sound familiar?
PS. Do you have a high-waisted skirt pattern (for me)?

Levin (and Emily) said...

i would have to agree! i'm amazed at how many toys there are for babies these days. personally mine always preferred the box - or the instructions - anything but the toy.

Anonymous said...

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emma said...

oh, now that's funny...thanks anyway "mate", but we're actually ok for the moment. And by the way, I think you'll find Canadian has another "a" in it. I guess you got a bit carried away at your own hilarity. Nice one.