Monday, June 30, 2008


hi! I kind of dropped off the radar there for a while, I've been dealing with lots of snot and sore throats, and the odd ear ache, but everyone is well again now (touch wood), so I have time to think again. Last week was spent mainly indoors, trying to shelter the babe (and myself) from a ferocious wind that came along without invitation. The wind and I, we are not good friends. So, in the few brief moments that the wee one actually slept, I got to inventing, and came up with the vest. Perfect for windy days that are still sunny and warm. Green cord lined with vintage flanelette for extra snuggliness. I'm loving the hood. it's a little large, but I think that's better than being a little small. He was only too happy to model it for a photo shoot.
here he is doing his best austin powers face, whilst showing off the lining. This was one of those projects that nearly didn't come to fruition. I almost gave up half way through when I had to unpick the outside stitching on the hood and hand stitch it instead. It was a case of, do I persevere and call it a learning experience, even if it doesn't work out, or do I stop wasting my (very limited) time and go and make something fail-safe. One of those times when perseverence proved successful, and we have something wearable to show for it. Oh, and the best part? The nearly-eight year old comes along and says, "I'd wear one of those mum". So, it's back to the drawing board I go, for two more of these babies.


Levin (and Emily) said...

We have had a term of sore throats, fevers and runny noses - so I know what you're going through.
I love the vest - it looks so funky.
Aren't you glad you persevered! Not only did you make a fantastic vest, but the feeling of accomplishment must be great.

fiona said...

great vest, i love the little pockets, well done on the hood, they terrifiy me!