Wednesday, June 18, 2008

drool catchers

what to do when you've done everything else and there's still half an hour before you have to pick up the kids? Why, applique some bibs, of course. Yes, I'm loving that orange one, all the better to hide smeared pumpkin with. It seems that some days I manage to do very little, and some days, I do a lot. It does help, of course, when someone decides to sleep for the better part of the day, leaving the mamma free to do as she pleases...I was really over the whiteness of all of jasper's clothes. I mean, really, who came up with the idea to make baby clothes in all manner of pale shades? So, now they're all blue. Oh yeah, and so is some of my stuff. I have had several attempts at dyeing over the years, but have never really had any success. I've always opted for black in the past and it's never actually turned out black, probably because I have realised after getting started that you need "fixer", and have been too lazy to go back to the shops, so have gone ahead with just the dye anyway, and ended up with a nice collection of grey clothes which I invariably never wear again. Why can't they just make it easy and sell the fixer with the dye? So, this time I had all the gear, even the rubber gloves, which are handy when dyeing. After seeing what a great colour it was ("riviera blue"), I of course started to look around to see what else I could throw in. I even considered going and buying some more white stuff, just so I could dye it. I especially love the way the stitching stays white, and also that sweet little border on the collar of the bonds suits. I always think he looks like a little prince with that collar. Well, he looks like a little prince all the time really.
not much sunshine in the last week, but this little piece arrived in the mail for me last friday, and instantly brightened my day. Oh how I love surprises in the letter box. Thanks, jodi.


Ché & Fidel said...

Happy to hear it brightened your day. I kinda like white makes Che look like a real baby...because if you've checked out the blog recently you'll realise that he's growing up (too fast). I always had him in white in the first few weeks...those weeks that are such a blur! But I love the shade of blue you doubt your washing will be pretty blue for the next 15 years I guess.
jodi x

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the blue.
i love the present you got too.
presents make for a very nice day.