Sunday, June 8, 2008

small faces

I've been thinking about "deleting" the bears for a while, as I was finding them a bit boring, but after receiving an order for one, I decided I might just try to make them a bit more special, because they are kind of fun. So now they have faces. I'm pretty happy with them, although the general concensus around here was that they look a bit like a teletubbie. I'm just going to ignore that one.
It's been pretty rainy around here, so there's been lots of time spent indoors, fitting in little bits of crafting here and there. I decided that I couldn't live with a plain white shirt for the babe, so this morning a mushroom was added. Now you're going to have to put up with cute baby photos.


Levin (and Emily) said...

cute baby
cute shirt

Ché & Fidel said...

Jasper looks so much like Willow...and then I look a bit longer and realise I can see Finn too. Perhaps you should start selling mushroom shirts...pretty cute! Surprise in the mail tomorrow (forgot about public holiday monday!)

Tanya said...

Darling baby AND shirt!


fiona said...

i can put up with cute baby phots! love the tshirt!