Tuesday, July 15, 2008


today was all sunshiney and lovely, so I bundled up the boys, packed a picnic afternoon tea and off we went to the park. It had suddenly occurred to me that we really haven't "done" anything these school holidays, and they are almost over. There's been lots of pottering about the house, I have somehow managed to incite in fin a spring-cleaning frenzy which has resulted in a huge pen and texta cull (because textas and pens that don't work really aren't of any use to anyone) and also a lego sort-out, which is a tedious job involving the sorting of thousands of tiny pieces into tiny compartmented containers. Apparently, he has inherited his mother's craziness for sorting and re-sorting. I am the kind of person who decides to re-write my recipe book every couple of years, just because I don't like the way the old one looks. Of course, this job never gets finished, and as a result, I have (ahem) several cookbooks with a handful of recipes in each. The other problem I have is that I am never entirely happy with my own handwriting, because I simply don't do it enough these days. When I was at school, and later at tafe, I had really neat handwriting. Rhododendron is one of my favourite words to write, it always turns out lovely and neat. Maybe I should practice again. I love reading old handwriting, and I think it's a shame that people aren't encouraged to take care with their writing these days. Where was I?oh yeah, it was good to get out and do this. The sunshine felt so good on our skin. What is it with winter and sickness? We had more last week, this time involving vomit rather than snot, which resulted in us cancelling our mid-holiday trip to manly for a good friend's birthday. There's no birthday gift quite like a good stomach bug. All is well again now, and we'll go in a few weeks time, to celebrate a certain young man's eighth birthday. Eight? Crikey.


sean the prawn said...

Sorry to hear your boys were sick again.My 16mth old daughter has a raging temp and a vommie last night. How long were your boys in spewville??

emma said...

just a 24 hour thing luckily. I hope your little one is better.