Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a pleasant day

finally had a good day today after a few ordinary ones (won't go into too much detail here, except to say that there was a dissatisfied ebay customer with very poor communication skills involved, amongst other things). Rearranged the kitchen successfully this morning whilst the baby slept, and then reluctantly had to go to the shops for nappies and other necessary supplies. On my way out the door, glanced at the rather large bag of stuff to go to the oppy, which has been sitting there for some weeks, and decided that I would in fact take it there on my way, as I'm a little tired of looking at it. I tend to have these big clean outs and get rid of things that we don't use or are sick of, and put them all in a big bag in the front room, where they inevitably stay for weeks, or even months until I finally get sick of looking at them and actually get rid of them. Does anyone else do that?
Anyhoo, since we were at the oppy anyways, we had a little look, as we often do, and found the very thing I was about to have to go and buy brand new, a size 0 bonds suit. Would you believe that when fin was a baby I didn't know about the tucky-in hand cuffs? That is one clever idea. Also found these very groovy pants, mmm, velour! After that we went to the big scary shopping centre and found a "parents with prams" park right outside the front door. What are the chances of that? All in all, nothing outstandingly marvelous happened today, but things went smoothly, and smooth is what I like.
in other good news, this lovely book arrived in the post for me last week, and I've been quietly devouring snippets of it mainly while feeding jasper, which seems fairly appropriate I guess. I'm really enjoying this one, just for the simple fact that it inspires me and has reminded me of some everyday things we can do as a family to make life more interesting (although I'm not sure we really needed much help in that department!). And guess what, it's a signed copy!! I did consider pre-ordering this one when that option became available last year, but that was never really going to happen, because I always forget to do these things. So, when I saw it in her shop recently, I went ahead and bought it. Well, actually to tell the truth, I told the mr to buy it, for mothers day. So, I guess good things really do come to those who wait.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i have a big bag of clothes for the op shop sitting in my hallway. every time i walk past it (many times a day) i get very irritated by it.
the book looks great - i might have to investigate that one. jasper looks gorgeous!

Ché & Fidel said...

yep...took a bag the other day that had been waiting by the stairs for a good 2 months. And funnily enough I am probably ready to start filling up another one. Jasper is getting big! For cheap bonds things have you been to the outlet in gosford? It's great for bubs stuff. Be well, J x

karenjane said...

i know how u feel , there everywhere round here! my room, halway (majour tripping hazard but we never learn!) boot of the car, every where. seems like they just sit there and then on the day i feel motivated to drop them off, i later feel motivated to sort through things agan (thus another bag!) love jaspers stripey pants! also, love the hand covers on baby jump suits, so much that i once put some on a jumper for myself. why should babies get all the warmth:)