Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my corner

another week's gone by, and although it's been a rather busy and fun-filled week, this little photo is all I have to share today. This little corner, where I'm sitting quietly tonight, after a late one last night. We (as in mr.arran, myself and the jasper) went to see that most luscious of bands, the audreys at lizottes, a great little restaurant not far from us, which manages to pull some really great gigs. It was dinner and the show, oh how civilised to sit at a table and be entertained whilst sipping away at my one glass of wine (designated breast-feeding driver). Well, that was the plan anyway. That was what everyone else got to do (they with many more glasses of wine). I spent most of my time settling the baby, who clearly didn't think it was a great idea to be out at night with only a sling for a bed. He managed to go to sleep long enough for me to eat my dinner, which had to be cut up for me by the mr, as it's hard to use a knife and fork with your arms full of baby, and we joked that we would be doing that for each other when we're romantic. After missing most of the support, j walker from machine translations, who I might add was most wonderful, I finally realised that I could in fact stand at the bar, behind everyone, and have a clear view of the band and also be able to gently rock my babe to sleep. And it was in this way that we managed to turn a near disastrous evening out into a perfectly enjoyable one, and one we'll remember for a while. Here's some pics hot off the press from the photographer.

Those audreys, oh my.


Levin (and Emily) said...

what a lovely way to spend an evening. i (or rather we) hardly ever went out once louis came along - it seemed way too hard.
we have a little cafe around the corner from us that usually has some good jazz on a friday night with cocktails. we managed to get there a couple of times over the summer and even with the three kids, it was still a lovely thing to do.
here's to more lovely outings.

Rachael said...

So. Very. Jealous..... you got to see The Audreys.
Their nearest show to us was sold out quick smart
Sounds like a great night though!