Friday, May 9, 2008

happy birthday dear us

today was the "royal birthday", as it's become known around here. For anyone who doesn't know, arran and I share the same birthday...a fact which was kinda cute for the first few years we were together, but now is wearing a bit thin. It just occurred to me today that we've probably subjected ourselves to a lifetime of joint presents from our kids. They had the mothers day stall at school today, and there was also a bit of mothers day craft going on, and I think willow may have become a little confused with the whole thing and given me my mothers day present for my birthday. Who can expect a five year old to differentiate between a birthday and mother's day? After all, I'm a mother and it's my birthday. I think he may still have something up his sleeve, though, which he was trying very hard to keep a secret on the way home from school...apparently it's really special, because you can use it again and again, and you have to light it with a match. Hmm, wonder what it could be???
We are displaying quite an interest in matches and candles lately, now that we are five. It's funny how you forget how much development happens in six months at this age. Last winter he barely showed an interest in the lighting of the fire, yet this year he's getting the match out of the box for me and helping me to get the fire going. (I must add here that we are very wary of young children handling matches and so forth...but I am of the opinion that children must learn about these things rather than not be allowed to touch them).
Anyway, this has the potential to turn into one of my ramblings, so I'll leave off with some of the things I've loved about my birthday::
getting to spend the day with my partner-in-birthdays, and what a yummy sunny day it was,
my birthday shoes (sorry, no photos yet),
birthday vouchers for massages and/or pampering (thanks mum and ana!)
finding a whole lot of flowery loveliness on my back table this morning from all of my loves, dogs included, which will tomorrow make they're way into my newly refreshed vege garden,
a perfectly well-behaved baby during a perfectly lovely birthday lunch and also a sleeping baby during an evening with friends, oh you've gotta love that,
one or two or four glasses of bubbly,
sharing my birthday with my best friend, even if it does mean that I don't get to be the centre of attention... I hear that can be over-rated anyway.


karenjane said...

Happy birthday for yesterday!!!! sounds like a fun day and i realy do wonder what williws other present could possibly have been:)

Victoria said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to you! Both of you. The shoes are brilliant. Don't you just love those mother's day stall presents?!