Friday, July 16, 2010

school holidays in pictures

I'm not going to pretend the school holidays have been one big picnic, but we did have some good adventures in the few brief moments of sunshine that we were graced with (and some in the gloom as well). Rainy school holidays? That's just not funny.


Levin said...

poor you! it's hard being cooped up all day when those inside just long to be outdoors.....feel safe in the knowledge that the next set of holidays should be finer and warmer!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous beach - oohh those rainy days are crazy days with kiddies stuck indoors :-(

jodi said...

but at least you're funny! we must catch up soon. I need to peruse your fabric pile for che's annual hazy jane order of long fabulous pants! We're heading to q'land in sep and will need them for then x

sean the prawn said...

Emma, I'm hearing you loud & clear...rain, rain go away.
Nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift everyone's mood.
The last couple of days have been perfection.

Frankie Small said...

Oh my god, the rain is driving me nuts and yes it is very very cruel to have school holidays in the rain!!!