Monday, August 2, 2010

double digits

boy number one turned ten the other day. 10. My goodness. Although I find it hard to believe I've been a mum for ten years, there's no doubt that he's been with us for that long, and then some. He was an old soul from the start, and always a challenge. Fin is all about the "why not?" and "when can I?", and rarely lets go of something once he's latched onto it. But, what would life be without a challenge? I love this boy, in all his dark and mysterious ways, and he never ceases to amaze me with the things that rattle around in that brain of his.
10. What fun to be ten, the biggest concern being which wheels to buy for your scooter with your birthday money. I now find myself stepping precariously over allen keys and screw drivers rather than lego when I make his bed in the morning. Wondering, how does one get grease out of a mat? Not sure I'm even going to bother with that one, I think I have better things to do.
Happy birthday biggest boy, we love you lots.
p.s. yes, I know there are cobwebs on my chandelier, they add to the old world charm.


Anonymous said...

wow, ten, what a magical age! happy birthday fin. have a lovely week.


jodi said...

happy happy birthday fin. 10 is huge emma. a congratulations to you too lovely muma. x